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9.3 k00Template:Syrian Civil War detailed map
3.7 k00Template:Syrian and Iraqi insurgency detailed map
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1.1 k00Template:Iraqi insurgency detailed map
1 k00Template:Syrian, Iraqi, and Lebanese insurgencies detailed map
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1322-10 k10 k38Template:Did you know/Queue/4
241.3 k1.3 k65 kTemplate talk:Navbox
5849401646.6 kTemplate:French legislative election, 2017
43214100849Template:2017 NL Wild Card standings
351.4 k1.3 k1.8 kTemplate talk:Advert
31300Template:TV in New York City
242 k2 k2 kTemplate talk:TheFinalBall
34551123404.7 kTemplate:Hacking in the 2010s
20359851 k985Template:2017 Florida Gators baseball
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251.2 k1.2 k15 kTemplate talk:Infobox officeholder
41144.2 k4.5 k4.1 kTemplate:Fraser Coast Region
14361391394.8 kTemplate:2017 US Open Cup Bracket
227327321.8 kTemplate talk:Fanpov
2273273216 kTemplate talk:Autobiography
14344250682Template:Latest preview software release/Windows 10
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221 k1.2 k1 kTemplate:Did you know nominations/Paul Abels
22625625625Template talk:UnreferencedMED
22558558710Template talk:Country data Israel
248068061.7 kTemplate talk:Infobox saint
65271.7 k1.7 k9.9 kTemplate:Did you know/Preparation area 3
19231.1 k1.1 k13 kTemplate:Pittsburgh Penguins roster
12271.6 k1.9 k1.5 kTemplate:J. Searle Dawley
272321.4 k4 k14 kTemplate:2017–18 in English men's football
133631896.4 kTemplate:Elton John
2249049025 kTemplate talk:Chicago Cubs roster
25000Template:Las Vegas TV
14341364042.8 kTemplate:Panathinaikos B.C. roster
1324772798772Template:Multi-Master stories
3824-34362.7 kTemplate:Chicago Cubs roster
531341.5 k2.5 k1.4 kTemplate:Ranks and Insignia of Non NATO Air Forces/OF/Jordan
6221.2 k1.2 k1.2 kTemplate:Japanese Movie Critics Awards for Best Actor
1233-23252 kTemplate:Chicago Cubs roster navbox
22900Template:Human timeline
22950950950Template talk:If affirmed
833-8262.1 kTemplate:AFC leagues
202320831611 kTemplate:NBCUniversal
111459473459Template:User BCMS
3422332.5 kTemplate:New York Yankees roster
152460804.7 kTemplate:Animation industry in the United States
7227477473.8 kTemplate:Did you know nominations/Bencie Woll
92700306Template:2017 AL West standings
24434.5 k43Template talk:Infobox element/periodic table
3410996797Template talk:WikiProject Comics
121.3 k1.3 k1.3 kTemplate:Malakwal–Khushab branch line
1322-52521 kTemplate:Los Angeles Clippers current roster
11-4 k3.9 k0Template:Haitian presidential election, 2006
1226002.1 kTemplate:Latest preview software release/Google Chrome
42600320Template:2017 NL West standings
15272263423.2 kTemplate:PVL 1st Season Open Conference Women's Division
71152.1 k2.6 k2 kTemplate:Pronoun notice/doc
19242067 k13 kTemplate:Extended periodic table (by Fricke, 32 columns, compact)
19231931952.3 kTemplate:Db-g4
10127.4 k7.2 k9.6 kTemplate:Serie C teamlist
172305041.3 kTemplate:U.S. federal jurisdictions
82312363.3 kTemplate:Infobox Peru region
28231.1 k1 k3.6 kTemplate:Did you know nominations/Nahikari García (2nd nom)
52237371.6 kTemplate:Video rental shops
11114 k14 k14 kTemplate:English district density rank
42228286.4 kTemplate:Los Angeles Radio
22081.1 kTemplate:Nicole Richie
82419523110 kTemplate:Did you know/Preparation area 2
422002.2 kTemplate:New York Yankees roster navbox
1522-132182942Template:Houston Rockets current roster
10222232231.1 kTemplate:WaterPoloAt1908SummerOlympics
7241212.5 kTemplate:2017 Taiwan Football Premier League table
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