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1111513 k12 k19 kTemplate:2018 WNBA schedule
481392.9 k3.4 k2.8 kTemplate:James Spence Medal winners
4633-82822.1 kTemplate:In the news
20341427223.4 kTemplate:Oklahoma City Thunder roster
844120202.3 kTemplate:Borough of South Ribble culture
1361312271008Template:Toronto Raptors current roster
221.2 k1.1 k1.1 kTemplate talk:Editnotices/Group/Help talk:Searching
2245145118 kTemplate talk:Infobox road
236781.9 k35 kTemplate talk:Star Wars
115.3 k5.2 k5.2 kTemplate:Tennis at the Olympics/doc
4724120536143 kTemplate:Infobox country
22429541.1 kTemplate:Juno Reactor
227747743.1 kTemplate talk:Initiated
225415416.4 kTemplate talk:Infobox recurring event
22-1101148.5 kTemplate:Washington Redskins/sandbox
153 k3 k2.9 kTemplate:Basketball in Serbia and Montenegro
2210223.2 kTemplate:People's Party (Spain)
41125.1 k12 k396 kTemplate:AFC statistics
4229669663.4 kTemplate:Did you know nominations/Procerodes littoralis
24261 k1 k4.1 kTemplate:Did you know nominations/Jean-François Bony
1335-62062.9 kTemplate:New York Mets roster
11263543563.1 kTemplate:Toronto Raptors roster
71111 k11 k11 kTemplate:Did you know/Queue/2
331264.6 kTemplate:Benjamin Britten
11110 k9.9 k10 kTemplate:Did you know/Queue/3
3424123.8 kTemplate talk:Non-free use rationale video game cover
1522434314 kTemplate:Nickelodeon original series and Nicktoons
422-485421.9 kTemplate:Network 18
12245575593.1 kTemplate:Did you know nominations/Sycamore Gap Tree
2237375972Template:San Antonio Spurs current roster
17245557213.4 kTemplate:Did you know nominations/Saving Light
121.6 k1.6 k1.6 kTemplate:Did you know nominations/V bomber
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