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1531944-1.1 k20 k3.2 kWikipedia:Administrator intervention against vandalism
389123213 k22 k171 kWikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents
5.5 k00Wikipedia:Featured articles
93216 k15 k282 kWikipedia talk:Manual of Style
12412176.8 k11 k104 kWikipedia:Reference desk/Science
3 k00Wikipedia:Citation needed
2.4 k00Wikipedia:Contact us
1519217 k7.1 k36 kWikipedia:Templates for discussion/Log/2018 January 16
3512271.9 k1.8 k3.5 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/2018 January 17
1.9 k00Wikipedia:Community portal
1.6 k00Wikipedia:About
1.4 k00Wikipedia:FAQ/Categorization
1.2 k00Wikipedia:Spoken articles
128812-5.9 k13 k5.2 kWikipedia:Requests for page protection
410573.1 k3 k103 kWikipedia:In the news/Candidates
92300Wikipedia:File Upload Wizard
7103.6 k3.6 k58 kWikipedia talk:Did you know
668202.1 k6.3 k5.7 kWikipedia:Usernames for administrator attention
1695184.9 k5.7 k6.6 kWikipedia:Main Page/Errors
158683 k3 k17 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Jessica Falkholt
79800Wikipedia:Protection policy
72600Wikipedia talk:Centralized discussion
68600Wikipedia:Text of Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported Li…
296134.6 k4.5 k66 kWikipedia:Requests for undeletion
88776211.6 k100 kWikipedia:Teahouse
63000Wikipedia:Articles for creation
545138582.5 k2 kWikipedia:Requested moves/Technical requests
126472.4 k2.3 k64 kWikipedia:Reference desk/Humanities
1107909 k440Wikipedia:Sandbox
4710-5105538Wikipedia:Articles for creation/recent
43574.1 k4 k4 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/2006 Bhiwandi lynching
121352 k1.9 k37 kWikipedia:WikiProject Articles for creation/Help desk
54100Wikipedia:New user landing page
53300Wikipedia:Article wizard
114451.9 k1.9 k62 kWikipedia:Reference desk/Miscellaneous
343189.7 k9.6 k11 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/2017 Kandel stabbing attack
316122.3 k2.3 k46 kWikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Edit warring
432911 k11 k173 kWikipedia:Neutral point of view/Noticeboard
352.3 k2.3 k2.3 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Flight 73 (book)
53451.3 k1.3 k18 kWikipedia:Reference desk/Computing
34472.8 k2.7 k2.7 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/2014 Muzaffarnagar triple murder
66362.3 k2.2 k52 kWikipedia:Biographies of living persons/Noticeboard
342.6 k2.6 k28 kWikipedia talk:WikiProject Motorsport
331.2 k1.1 k16 kWikipedia talk:WikiProject Spaceflight
12492.6 k3.1 k29 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Brenton Lengel (2nd nomination)
272.8 k2.8 k2.8 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Canal+ 3D (France)
43300Wikipedia:Village pump (proposals)
1052182.6 k2.8 k4.1 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Natural Information Society
11383.6 k3.5 k22 kWikipedia:Deletion review/Log/2018 January 15
41800Wikipedia:General disclaimer
3392692650 kWikipedia talk:Lua
1742287987951 kWikipedia:Help desk
8433639671200 kWikipedia:Village pump (technical)
39600Wikipedia:Please clarify
562116.3 k6.2 k6.1 kWikipedia:Week of Football
14332.5 k2.5 k35 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/James D. Zirin
252.1 k2.1 k130 kWikipedia talk:WikiProject Women in Red
1352 k6.4 k11 kWikipedia:Wiki Ed/Robert Morris University/Pennsylvania Politics (Spring …
73341.2 k1.1 k80 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Donald Trump racial views
233.1 k3.1 k43 kWikipedia talk:WikiProject Military history
15122661.5 kWikipedia:Today's featured article/January 17, 2018
221.6 k1.6 k5.3 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Faqir Muhammad
272713.1 k6.2 k78 kWikipedia:Categories for discussion/Log/2018 January 9
221.4 k1.4 k4.5 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/GIK Institute Clock Tower (2nd nomination)
4834958958359 kWikipedia:Village pump (policy)
221.2 k1.1 k8.7 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/May Tha Hla
221.1 k1 k1 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Rob Sherrell
6341.4 k1.4 k7.3 kWikipedia:Deletion review/Log/2018 January 16
10384.5 k4.5 k4.8 kWikipedia:Tutorial/Editing/sandbox
232.5 k2.4 k5.3 kWikipedia talk:Today's featured article/requests
221.5 k1.4 k9.4 kWikipedia:Featured article candidates/Ice drilling/archive1
13361.1 k1 k38 kWikipedia:Categories for discussion/Log/2018 January 15
72241.2 k1.2 k47 kWikipedia:Reference desk/Language
33400Wikipedia:Citing sources
231.1 k1.1 k7.9 kWikipedia:Featured list candidates/List of accolades received by Kal Ho N…
221.5 k1.5 k183 kWikipedia talk:Administrators
221.2 k1.2 k67 kWikipedia talk:Notability (people)
261.8 k1.8 k14 kWikipedia talk:Article titles
35102.5 k99 kWikipedia talk:WikiProject Articles for creation
2393893.9 k2.2 kWikipedia:Usernames for administrator attention/Bot
22935935100 kWikipedia talk:WikiProject Film
23223.3 k3.2 k17 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Woody Allen sexual assault allegations
222 k2 k62 kWikipedia talk:WikiProject Professional wrestling
29900Wikipedia:Your first article
27800Wikipedia:Unusual articles
1123 k22 k22 kWikipedia:Main Page history/2018 January 17
19232.4 k2.3 k17 kWikipedia:Redirects for discussion/Log/2018 January 17
10362964164.2 kWikipedia:WikiProject Deletion sorting/India
23212-2.7 k4.1 k112 kWikipedia:Requested moves/Current discussions
1241.2 k1.2 k4 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/New Saxon Spelling
1113 k13 k13 kWikipedia:WikiProject Spam/LinkReports/vmec.vn
1111 k11 k11 kWikipedia:WikiProject Spam/LinkReports/nicon.edu.pk
23567567123 kWikipedia talk:WikiProject Military history/Coordinators
28241.6 k1.6 k2.7 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Marilyn Barnett
2294943 kWikipedia:Huggle/Users
83110-2.7 k4.1 k112 kWikipedia:Requested moves/Current discussions (alt)
2222.3 k2.2 k2.2 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/List of colleges affiliated to Kerala Uni…
526-45962711 kWikipedia:Categories for discussion/Working
34241.3 k1.3 k15 kWikipedia:Requests for adminship/Optional RfA candidate poll
24232 k2 k2 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/List of park golf courses in Aomori
32292192119 kWikipedia:WikiProject Military history/Assessment/British logistics in th…
13238938938.7 kWikipedia:Categories for discussion/Log/2018 January 17
11-14 k14 k453 kWikipedia:Article alerts/Problem entries/Old
12341873313.6 kWikipedia:WikiProject Deletion sorting/Lists
133-1232231.4 kWikipedia:WikiProject Deletion sorting/Websites
11-12 k11 k333 kWikipedia:WikiProject Years/Article alerts
11-11 k11 k27 kWikipedia:WikiProject Countries/Article alerts
1111 k11 k148 kWikipedia:WikiProject Women in Red/Missing articles by occupation/Rowing
52535235219 kWikipedia:WikiProject Women in Red/Meetup/66
19243483488.5 kWikipedia:WikiProject Football/Nominations for deletion and page moves
172891991914 kWikipedia:WikiProject Rowing/FISA database errors
141 k1.5 k1 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/D 2D & D 3D
141.8 k1.7 k1.7 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Kenneth Walker III
5231.3 k1.3 k6.9 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Heather Horton
172239739714 kWikipedia:Requests for history merge
22600Wikipedia:Policies and guidelines
61131171178.1 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/2018 January 10
333-451494.3 kWikipedia:WikiProject Deletion sorting/Actors and filmmakers
7339199193.7 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Wolf Beats
2129.6 k9.3 k210 kWikipedia:Requests for page protection/Rolling archive
322-170170946Wikipedia:Good article nominations/backlog/items
1122.4 k2.3 k49 kWikipedia:WikiProject Spam/LinkReports
12111242415 kWikipedia:Featured pictures
121.8 k1.7 k26 kWikipedia:Featured article candidates/Planet of the Apes/archive1
122-75751.8 kWikipedia:WikiProject Australia/Articles for Review
121.6 k1.7 k29 kWikipedia talk:Notability (awards and honors)
5227007001.5 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Valdosta Yacht Club
12787787787Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Customs Public School
522-19955342 kWikipedia:Categories for discussion/Speedy
41182.7 k2.6 k2.6 kWikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/FARZI
322181810 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/2018 January 9
341102792971.5 kWikipedia:WikiCup/History/2018/Submissions/Ssven2
311-22 k22 k109 kWikipedia:WikiProject Football/Article alerts
133.2 k3.1 k12 kWikipedia:WikiProject Spam/Local/vital-tel.co.uk
111.2 k1.1 k40 kWikipedia talk:WikiProject Psychology
327-2352112 kWikipedia:WikiProject Deletion sorting/People
117.1 k7 k279 kWikipedia:WikiProject Football/Article alerts/Archive 15
111.5 k1.4 k8.7 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Island Cricket (2nd nomination)
5114.8 k4.6 k696 kWikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/IncidentArchive973
18900Wikipedia talk:Manual of Style
115.7 k5.6 k5.6 kWikipedia:WikiProject Spam/Local/nicon.edu.pk
134.4 k4.3 k4.3 kWikipedia:WikiProject Spam/LinkReports/fondazionecnao.it
111.3 k1.3 k6.7 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Sher Khan (soldier)
111.2 k1.1 k33 kWikipedia talk:WikiProject Wikipedia Awards
10152.7 k2.6 k12 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Rey Guevarra
228218218.3 kWikipedia talk:WikiProject Biography
22-171213.9 kWikipedia:WikiProject Deletion sorting/Women
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