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2.6 k481466-33 k191 k391 kWikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents
9763321054111174 k551Wikipedia:Sandbox
1.1 k772524.9 k92 k12 kWikipedia:Administrator intervention against vandalism
3681983-86465 k4.2 kWikipedia:Usernames for administrator attention
6653043-14 k58 k127 kWikipedia:Teahouse
26310272-8.6 k56 k49 kWikipedia:Fringe theories/Noticeboard
7193856 k55 k55 kWikipedia:Files for discussion/2017 October 22
7806214212 k50 k23 kWikipedia:Requests for page protection
227612-34 k43 k72 kWikipedia:Dispute resolution noticeboard
731-15 k43 k264 kWikipedia talk:WikiProject Formula One
4371125-16 k37 k65 kWikipedia:Reference desk/Science
3911431-19736 k56 kWikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Edit warring
5001736-12 k35 k103 kWikipedia:In the news/Candidates
5111627-15 k34 k51 kWikipedia:Reference desk/Humanities
5856411.6 k33 k5.1 kWikipedia:Usernames for administrator attention/Bot
557307611 k32 k52 kWikipedia:Reference desk/Language
3969552226 k1.5 kWikipedia:Administrator intervention against vandalism/TB2
46521516.1 k25 k164 kWikipedia:Village pump (technical)
2801126-4.4 k24 k36 kWikipedia:Reference desk/Mathematics
69619392.9 k24 k62 kWikipedia:Help desk
959274924 k24 k494 kWikipedia:Village pump (policy)
30834-21 k23 k103 kWikipedia:Village pump (proposals)
2481116-7 k20 k38 kWikipedia:WikiProject Articles for creation/Help desk
438920 k20 k20 kWikipedia:Redirects for discussion/Log/2017 October 22
484164920 k20 k33 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Chris Sherwin
92315 k19 k70 kWikipedia talk:WikiProject Cricket
10282717 k17 k17 kWikipedia:Categories for discussion/Log/2017 October 22
12303.7 k16 k101 kWikipedia talk:WikiProject Medicine
7151810 k16 k30 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Per Villand
214712-5.5 k15 k134 kWikipedia:Conflict of interest/Noticeboard
89816277 k15 k229 kWikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard
7851815 k15 k44 kWikipedia:Featured article candidates/Balfour Declaration/archive2
2991415 k15 k15 kWikipedia:Templates for discussion/Log/2017 October 22
73314 k14 k459 kWikipedia talk:What Wikipedia is not
22251513 k13 k73 kWikipedia:Village pump (idea lab)
55382813 k12 k28 kWikipedia:Arbitration/Requests/Case
5189.6 k12 k59 kWikipedia talk:Administrators' noticeboard
19213305.5 k12 k50 kWikipedia:Requests for undeletion
301814-88712 k42 kWikipedia:Reference desk/Miscellaneous
21812194 k11 k21 kWikipedia:Reference desk/Computing
28917234.9 k10 k102 kWikipedia:Biographies of living persons/Noticeboard
1536101.2 k9.4 k23 kWikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Requests for closure
7228.8 k8.6 k239 kWikipedia talk:Paid-contribution disclosure
784278.8 k8.6 k14 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Canada-Cambodia Relations
6162.3 k8 k44 kWikipedia talk:WikiProject Football
48681717.1 k7.8 k85 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Jacob Truedson Demitz
11316183.3 k7.8 k4 kWikipedia:Requested moves/Technical requests
1168206.4 k6.6 k11 kWikipedia:Categories for discussion/Log/2017 October 21
303783.2 k6.4 k85 kWikipedia:Reliable sources/Noticeboard
91315.2 k5.2 k364 kWikipedia talk:Talk page guidelines
16441754.4 k4.3 k5 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/2017 October 22
8134.1 k4 k27 kWikipedia talk:Tools/Navigation popups
12911263.6 k3.8 k15 kWikipedia:Meetup/justfortherecord/Events/femalepioneers
181663.3 k3.2 k23 kWikipedia:Reference desk/Entertainment
2097115253 k3.5 kWikipedia:Main Page/Errors
692.7 k2.6 k45 kWikipedia talk:WikiProject Military history
728141.6 k2.1 k15 kWikipedia:WikiProject Guild of Copy Editors/Requests
682.1 k2 k11 kWikipedia talk:WikiProject Military history/Awards
1564762773591 kWikipedia:WikiProject Resource Exchange/Resource Request
24 k112222243 kWikipedia:Featured articles
15 k00Wikipedia:Citation needed
12 k00Wikipedia:Contact us
9.9 k00Wikipedia:Contribution Month in Canada 2017
7.2 k00Wikipedia:About
6 k00Wikipedia:Spoken articles
5.9 k00Wikipedia:FAQ/Categorization
5.6 k00Wikipedia:Community portal
4.4 k00Wikipedia:File Upload Wizard
3.7 k00Wikipedia:Text of Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported Li…
3.3 k00Wikipedia:General disclaimer
3.2 k00Wikipedia:Protection policy
3.1 k00Wikipedia:Verifiability
2.5 k00Wikipedia:Articles for creation
2.2 k00Wikipedia:Media help
2.2 k00Wikipedia:Unusual articles
2.2 k00Wikipedia:Citing sources
2 k00Wikipedia:New user landing page
1.8 k00Wikipedia:Why create an account?
1.7 k00Wikipedia:Please clarify
1.6 k00Wikipedia:Your first article
1.5 k00Wikipedia:Random
1.4 k00Wikipedia:Stub
1.4 k00Wikipedia:Article wizard
1.1 k00Wikipedia:Good articles
1 k00Wikipedia:Unified login
87800Wikipedia:What Wikipedia is not
83100Wikipedia:Bypass your cache
74000Wikipedia:Link rot
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