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56 k7441234654-1.5 k3.5 M1.8 kWikipedia:Administrator intervention against vandalism
105 k6194661113-468 k9.6 M226 kWikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents
26 k7133933501342.2 M11 kWikipedia:Requests for page protection
21 k1443255230 k413 k64 kWikipedia:WikiProject Women in Red/The World Contest
13 k255284523-2.7 k960 k1.8 kWikipedia:Usernames for administrator attention
31 k61922664909.3 M440Wikipedia:Sandbox
3.7 k3217471167 k176 k187 kWikipedia:WikiProject Women in Red/The World Contest/Prize claims
36 k40416491031 k1.1 M88 kWikipedia:Help desk
23 k39615662824 k1.5 M98 kWikipedia:Teahouse
50 k172134230-65 k1.6 M78 kWikipedia:In the news/Candidates
18 k1961204759 k913 k111 kWikipedia:Reference desk/Science
17 k25511532310 k1.2 M48 kWikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Edit warring
35 k243113311-310 k2.2 M75 kWikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard
16 k19310531418 k663 k61 kWikipedia:Reference desk/Humanities
7.2 k29993847-713494 k1.3 kWikipedia:Requested moves/Technical requests
14 k14791420-12 k727 k64 kWikipedia:Reference desk/Language
17 k20083811-145 k914 k502 kWikipedia:Village pump (policy)
5817564013 k508 k17 kWikipedia:Wikipedia Asian Month/Participants/2017
8.2 k12270766.5 k285 k1.8 kWikipedia:Main Page/Errors
15 k1516355-68 k543 k97 kWikipedia:Village pump (technical)
14 k137614872 k651 k100 kWikipedia:Reliable sources/Noticeboard
11 k1715918102 k547 k129 kWikipedia:Biographies of living persons/Noticeboard
8.1 k905395192 k363 k225 kWikipedia:Conflict of interest/Noticeboard
9.2 k101501317 k310 k38 kWikipedia:Reference desk/Miscellaneous
8.7 k166469226 k623 k43 kWikipedia:WikiProject Articles for creation/Help desk
14 k7345418179 k724 k150 kWikipedia:Arbitration/Requests/Enforcement
14 k96435121 k400 k114 kWikipedia:Arbitration/Requests/Case
87441389329 k41 k88 kWikipedia:WikiProject Women in Red/The World Contest/Entries/Europe
513743157 k243 k253 kWikipedia talk:Manual of Style
3.3 k12636151.5 k232 k40 kWikipedia:Requests for undeletion
1621033256.9 k9.2 k14 kWikipedia:Wiki Ed/UCSD/Introduction to Policy Analysis (Fall 2017)
7.3 k199308486 k111 k91 kWikipedia:Requests for adminship/Joe Roe
73634307221 k45 k70 kWikipedia:WikiProject Women in Red/The World Contest/Entries/North America
1928448 k131 k216 kWikipedia talk:Vital articles/Level/4
3.8 k7527549 k177 k50 kWikipedia:Reference desk/Computing
2.7 k54218235 k103 k33 kWikipedia:Reference desk/Mathematics
50208-161173 k32 kWikipedia talk:WikiProject Football
71206326 k148 k88 kWikipedia talk:Requests for adminship
4.9 k78204513 k375 k108 kWikipedia:Village pump (proposals)
3.2 k56201108 k163 k66 kWikipedia:Dispute resolution noticeboard
2.7 k60176920 k71 k11 kWikipedia:Reference desk/Entertainment
4117653 k106 k96 kWikipedia talk:WikiProject Video games
53223158-6.4 k35 k79 kWikipedia:WikiProject Women in Red/The World Contest/Entries/Asia
1.6 k5114422 k74 k5.4 kWikipedia:Requests for permissions/New page reviewer
232431429.1 k8.9 k9.5 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/2017 November 2
3 k49137177 k78 k70 kWikipedia:Arbitration/Requests/Clarification and Amendment
7833813114 k62 k11 kWikipedia:Changing username/Simple
1.7 k59118140 k50 k46 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Roy Moore sexual abuse allegations
283411147.6 k7.4 k8 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/2017 November 28
3935211316.3 k6.5 k6.8 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/2017 November 14
2714311326.2 k7.1 k6.7 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/2017 November 13
327491117 k6.9 k7.7 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/2017 November 20
2611118 k53 k56 kWikipedia talk:Did you know
193431066.7 k6.5 k7.2 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/2017 November 21
2110525 k25 k121 kWikipedia talk:WikiProject Women in Red/The World Contest
248471045.8 k5.9 k6.3 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/2017 November 3
295511036.4 k6.5 k6.9 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/2017 November 6
233481025.8 k6 k6.3 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/2017 November 7
251359915.7 k5.7 k6.3 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/2017 November 19
21445975.9 k5.7 k6.4 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/2017 November 10
219435 k57 k59 kWikipedia talk:Reference desk
293519215.5 k5.5 k6 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/2017 November 29
19247925.5 k5.5 k6 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/2017 November 8
761429135 k35 k35 kWikipedia:Templates for discussion/Log/2017 November 15
27951915.4 k5.4 k5.9 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/2017 November 17
4333191231013505Wikipedia:Articles for creation/recent
7972091135 k35 k42 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/List of pioneers in computer science
24742905.2 k5.4 k5.7 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/2017 November 12
21636895.6 k5.5 k6.1 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/2017 November 1
258949 k48 k49 kWikipedia talk:Arbitration Committee/Noticeboard
22839854.9 k5 k5.5 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/2017 November 11
21435845.1 k5.1 k5.6 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/2017 November 18
540668311 k11 k11 kWikipedia:Community health initiative on English Wikipedia/Research on di…
257428314.9 k4.9 k5.4 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/2017 November 5
866188315 k27 k47 kWikipedia:WikiProject Resource Exchange/Resource Request
19532835.1 k5.3 k5.7 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/2017 November 27
3371981173 k97 k71 kWikipedia:Redirects for discussion/Log/2017 November 16
25637805 k4.9 k5.6 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/2017 November 25
297397914.7 k4.8 k5.3 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/2017 November 15
20637774.9 k4.8 k5.4 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/2017 November 4
207367715.1 k5.1 k5.6 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/2017 November 26
5.4 M55762635572 k5.9 kWikipedia:Wikipedia Asian Month
22744764.8 k4.7 k5.3 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/2017 November 9
641 k13751.4 k1.9 k245 kWikipedia:Featured articles
25533744.6 k4.5 k5.1 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/2017 November 24
22148714.1 k4.3 k4.7 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/2017 November 22
1.8 k28707.2 k52 k32 kWikipedia:Fringe theories/Noticeboard
25536694.2 k4.3 k4.8 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/2017 November 16
1.2 k1763131 k31 k89 kWikipedia:Arbitration Committee Elections December 2017/Candidates/A Den …
591176326 k25 k25 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Pardon of Joe Arpaio (2nd nomination)
24537613.7 k3.8 k4.2 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/2017 November 30
301206143 k44 k43 kWikipedia:Redirects for discussion/Log/2017 November 14
567 k3659113428 k6.4 kWikipedia:Wiki Science Competition 2017 in the United States
25441571111 k1.6 M24 kWikipedia:Edit filter/False positives/Reports
560345415 k16 k15 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Paddles (cat)
2650521.7 k1.7 k16 kWikipedia:Wiki Ed/University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill/Helping Giv…
7801249350 k146 k48 kWikipedia:Files for upload
844294819 k22 k39 kWikipedia:Village pump (miscellaneous)
163264618 k18 k20 kWikipedia:Requests for comment/Proposal to allow non-admin deletions for …
504204513 k13 k17 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Tricomplex numbers
19932442.6 k2.6 k3.1 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/2017 November 23
16 k1643628.6 k117 kWikipedia:Manual of Style/Dates and numbers
11 k15423-1552.8 k190 kWikipedia:Manual of Style
941411.5 k1.5 k8.1 kWikipedia:Wiki Ed/University of Virginia/ENWR 1510 (Fall 2017)
841411.5 k1.4 k12 kWikipedia:Wiki Ed/UAlbany/Black American Music (Fall)
711183313 k13 k18 kWikipedia:Templates for discussion/Log/2017 November 18
71218329 k10 k19 kWikipedia:Bureaucrats' noticeboard
9.5 k17221.3 k1.5 k6 kWikipedia:Arbitration Committee Elections December 2017/Candidates
1.1 k131832.5 k2.6 k12 kWikipedia:Top 25 Report
38 k313-17662425 kWikipedia:Manual of Style/Words to watch
78 k512-1.1 k4.9 k81 kWikipedia:Citing sources
163 k11172479489 kWikipedia:Spoken articles
175 k682266041 kWikipedia:Protection policy
58 k287723928 kWikipedia:Your first article
28 k572-349.8 k4.6 kWikipedia:Random
11 k47230560202 kWikipedia:Deleted articles with freaky titles
52 k36-13651222 kWikipedia:Stub
26 k36-1.2 k2.6 k27 kWikipedia:No original research
80 k44104.7 k7.2 kWikipedia:Unusual articles
288 k23151548 kWikipedia:About
109 k23313132 kWikipedia:Verifiability
470 k2310288.8 kWikipedia:Citation needed
76 k22666611 kWikipedia:Why create an account?
35 k221 k1 k28 kWikipedia:Username policy
182 k11141423 kWikipedia:FAQ/Categorization
273 k11005.3 kWikipedia:Community portal
82 k11662.7 kWikipedia:New user landing page
58 k11-8686715Wikipedia:Good articles
401 k00Wikipedia:Contact us
305 k00Wikipedia:Traffic
199 k00Wikipedia:File Upload Wizard
120 k00Wikipedia:Text of Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported Li…
111 k00Wikipedia:General disclaimer
101 k00Wikipedia:Articles for creation
83 k00Wikipedia:Why Wikipedia cannot claim the earth is not flat
68 k00Wikipedia:Please clarify
64 k00Wikipedia:Wikipedia Asian Month/Participants
64 k00Wikipedia:Media help
63 k00Wikipedia:Article wizard
42 k00Wikipedia:ANIME/ORS
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