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1461317 k54 k139 kWikipedia:Pending changes/Request for Comment 2014
3792282631 k2.6 kWikipedia:Administrator intervention against vandalism
1744281742 k54 kWikipedia:Articles for creation/Redirects
810216317 k4.3 kWikipedia:Featured article candidates
342038 k9.5 kWikipedia:AutoWikiBrowser
802031-42 k1.1 M398 kWikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents
3811312.3 k49 k9.8 kWikipedia:Requests for page protection
387714.5 k4.5 k5 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/2014 January 18
2658102.2 M440Wikipedia:Sandbox
1936120 k21 k138 kWikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard
1832112 k23 k105 kWikipedia talk:WikiProject Football
619116 k19 k16 kWikipedia:Files for deletion/2014 January 18
42712252434.4 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/2014 January 10
5811.4 k2.9 k57 kWikipedia talk:WikiProject Professional wrestling
231-75 k221 k3.9 kWikipedia:CHECKWIKI/016 dump
441-16919 k10 kWikipedia talk:Protection policy
341-5.9 k6.5 k34 kWikipedia talk:Banning policy
3513861.2 k13 kWikipedia:Red link
471-4531 k356 kWikipedia:Requested articles/Biography/By profession
3514932916 kWikipedia:Link rot
22102.9 k5 kWikipedia:Community portal
22101.8 k18 kWikipedia:Starting an article
22102046 kWikipedia:Featured article candidates/Pedro Álvares Cabral/archive1
4914431 k64 k119 kWikipedia:Help desk
306726 k27 k25 kWikipedia:Requests for adminship/SarekOfVulcan 3
27115-26038 k5.1 kWikipedia:Usernames for administrator attention
255018 k18 k52 kWikipedia:Reference desk/Language
2240-4.3 k44 k141 kWikipedia:Village pump (technical)
1724-11 k24 k97 kWikipedia:In the news/Candidates
183516 k16 k72 kWikipedia:Reference desk/Science
16377.2 k14 k185 kWikipedia talk:Did you know
15356.4 k6.4 k10 kWikipedia:GLAM/NHMandSM/ZSL editathon
14238.2 k10 k29 kWikipedia:Reference desk/Computing
1221-17 k38 k73 kWikipedia:Teahouse
12363.5 k12 k12 kWikipedia:Changing username/Simple
84920 k39 k180 kWikipedia talk:Arbitration Committee/Discretionary sanctions/2013 review
13264.5 k16 k58 kWikipedia:WikiProject Articles for creation/Help desk
1119-19 k46 k57 kWikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Edit warring
947-7.5 k28 k59 kWikipedia:Categories for discussion/Speedy
93219 k19 k91 kWikipedia talk:Surveillance awareness day
11199.2 k9.2 k102 kWikipedia:Biographies of living persons/Noticeboard
1121-21522 k112 kWikipedia talk:WikiProject Film
915-8.4 k26 k132 kWikipedia:Arbitration/Requests/Enforcement
99-12 k17 k74 kWikipedia:Requests for undeletion
8216.9 k6.7 k76 kWikipedia:Redirects for discussion/Log/2014 January 15
8167.7 k7.5 k10 kWikipedia talk:Arbitration Committee/Noticeboard
9113.4 k3.3 k3.8 kWikipedia:Redirects for discussion/Log/2014 January 18
8186.7 k6.5 k7.3 kWikipedia:Categories for discussion/Log/2014 January 18
10132253.6 k19 kWikipedia:Pages needing translation into English
9265.9 k5.7 k14 kWikipedia:Reference desk/Mathematics
10132.4 k2.5 k53 kWikipedia:Reference desk/Miscellaneous
62625 k25 k157 kWikipedia talk:WikiProject Elements
8144.4 k5 k106 kWikipedia:WikiProject Resource Exchange/Resource Request
61916 k17 k16 kWikipedia:Possibly unfree files/2014 January 18
6255.4 k11 k86 kWikipedia:Surveillance awareness day
8105 k4.9 k4.9 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Mehr Tarar
10124.3 k4.2 k18 kWikipedia:Reference desk/Entertainment
7144.7 k4.6 k4.6 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Affinity marketing
7184.7 k4.6 k13 kWikipedia:Categories for discussion/Log/2014 January 17
710-1.9 k12 k4.3 kWikipedia:Requested moves/Technical requests
61511 k11 k34 kWikipedia talk:WikiProject Anime and manga
7183.5 k3.4 k4.2 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/List of breweries in Massachusetts
6109.1 k8.9 k187 kWikipedia talk:Manual of Style/Dates and numbers
6157.6 k7.4 k43 kWikipedia talk:WikiProject Russia
8132.7 k8 k163 kWikipedia:Village pump (policy)
7122.1 k2.1 k3.3 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Project 89 Kondor Minesweeper
51311 k11 k51 kWikipedia:Arbitration/Requests/Clarification and Amendment
5237.2 k7.5 k7.1 kWikipedia:Featured list candidates/List of notable people under FVEY surv…
793.3 k3.2 k60 kWikipedia talk:WikiProject Video games
771.7 k1.6 k56 kWikipedia:Requests for adminship/Kevin Gorman
714-58152492Wikipedia:Articles for creation/recent
8141832274.1 kWikipedia:Workshop/Kochi Workshop 1
7167027168.8 kWikipedia:Meetup/Boston/End of 2013 Celebration and Meeting
8112.9 k2.9 k41 kWikipedia:Reference desk/Humanities
694 k3.9 k4.3 kWikipedia:Deletion review/Log/2014 January 18
5146.8 k6.6 k16 kWikipedia talk:Manual of Style/Text formatting
58-39 k44 k117 kWikipedia:Village pump (proposals)
682.9 k2.8 k5.9 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Phil Robertson ''GQ'' interview controversy
673.9 k3.8 k26 kWikipedia:Training/For students/Training feedback
5126.1 k6.1 k40 kWikipedia talk:What Wikipedia is not
417-11 k36 k1.2 kWikipedia:Files for upload
5155.7 k5.6 k17 kWikipedia:Redirects for discussion/Log/2014 January 17
681.3 k1.6 k52 kWikipedia:Graphics Lab/Photography workshop
587.8 k7.6 k120 kWikipedia talk:Administrators' noticeboard/Requests for closure
4228.5 k8.3 k26 kWikipedia talk:Dispute resolution noticeboard
32314 k14 k73 kWikipedia:Featured article candidates/Wells Cathedral/archive1
587.3 k7.1 k69 kWikipedia talk:WikiProject Aviation/Aircraft accidents and incidents
5145.7 k5.6 k22 kWikipedia:Categories for discussion/Log/2014 January 14
587.1 k6.9 k495 kWikipedia talk:Naming conventions (geographic names)
5144.9 k4.8 k52 kWikipedia:Categories for discussion/Log/2014 January 16
5153.3 k3.4 k54 kWikipedia talk:WikiProject Check Wikipedia
56-7.6 k13 k167 kWikipedia:Reliable sources/Noticeboard
113925449 k39 kWikipedia:WikiProject Spam/LinkReports
5124.5 k7.1 k34 kWikipedia:Huggle/Feedback
5157 k7.1 k141 kWikipedia:Dispute resolution noticeboard
4166.1 k6 k6 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Criticism of the British Monarchy
581.6 k4.5 k7.1 kWikipedia:Requests for permissions/Autopatrolled
4116.3 k6.1 k42 kWikipedia talk:WikiProject UK geography
81181.2 k448Wikipedia:Tutorial/Editing/sandbox
692.7 k2.6 k16 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/CK Morgan
682 k2 k3.6 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Stavros Damianides
37140 k137 k268 kWikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/IncidentArchive826
486.5 k6.4 k52 kWikipedia talk:WikiProject Motorsport
5124564585.8 kWikipedia:Featured picture candidates
4164.7 k4.6 k58 kWikipedia:Arbitration/Requests/Case/Kafziel/Proposed decision
551.6 k1.5 k11 kWikipedia talk:WikiCup
485.9 k5.7 k17 kWikipedia:Featured article candidates/God of War III/archive2
551.4 k1.4 k1.4 kWikipedia:Featured picture candidates/Point Cabrillo Light
3176.1 k6.5 k15 kWikipedia talk:WikiProject Devon
579081 k70 kWikipedia:Graphics Lab/Illustration workshop
4127 k6.8 k6.8 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Eric West (5th nomination)
4113.3 k3.2 k19 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Choose Your Battles
4113.7 k3.6 k23 kWikipedia:Redirects for discussion/Log/2014 January 16
414-6071.5 k93 kWikipedia:Manual of Style/Dates and numbers
463.5 k3.4 k3.5 kWikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/Lawline
473.3 k3.2 k18 kWikipedia talk:Blocking policy
463.3 k3.2 k55 kWikipedia:Categories for discussion/Log/2014 January 13
474.1 k4 k72 kWikipedia:Village pump (idea lab)
5103.5 k3.4 k31 kWikipedia:Edit filter/False positives/Reports
463.9 k3.8 k82 kWikipedia talk:Manual of Style/Trademarks
462.9 k2.8 k6.4 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/VirtualMalaysia.com
56-4253.9 k25 kWikipedia talk:WikiProject Aircraft
462.3 k2.2 k18 kWikipedia:VisualEditor/Feedback
411-2905.5 k6.9 kWikipedia:Requests for permissions/Confirmed
5120066 kWikipedia:Disambiguation pages with links/January 2014
47837.5 k83Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/Msloewengart
452.3 k2.3 k2.3 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Fire camp
442.7 k2.7 k23 kWikipedia talk:Verifiability
442.7 k2.6 k3.5 kWikipedia:Requests for permissions/Template editor
442.4 k2.3 k2.3 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Diary of a Freedom Writer
471.9 k1.8 k9.4 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Mark Overmars (2nd nomination)
4146011 k7.8 kWikipedia:Miscellany for deletion
442.2 k2.1 k2.1 kWikipedia:Featured picture candidates/The Rocky Mountains, Lander's Peak
442.1 k2.1 k2.1 kWikipedia:Copyright problems/2014 January 18
2204.8 k6.4 k21 kWikipedia:Categories for discussion/Working
441.9 k1.8 k108 kWikipedia:Graphics Lab/Map workshop
441.7 k1.6 k12 kWikipedia:WikiProject Highways/Assessment/A-Class Review/Ontario Highway …
462444.1 k20 kWikipedia talk:WikiProject Sports
441.6 k1.5 k1.5 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Joseph Rosendo
386.2 k6.1 k6.1 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Adrienne deWolfe
346.8 k6.6 k37 kWikipedia:Possibly unfree files/2014 January 13
385 k4.9 k17 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
441.2 k1.2 k1.2 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Emma Kenny
441.1 k1 k14 kWikipedia:Articles for deletion/Celibacy syndrome
33-11 k11 k38 kWikipedia:Media copyright questions
34-8 k19 k174 kWikipedia talk:Manual of Style
383.2 k4.5 k115 kWikipedia talk:AutoWikiBrowser/Bugs
365.9 k5.8 k27 kWikipedia:Editor review/Wifione
365.5 k5.4 k14 kWikipedia talk:WADR
2813 k12 k14 kWikipedia:Peer review/Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder/archive1
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